Buying Skis for Anwärter


Buying ski equipment can be a very expensive task. I hope to guide you on buying not only the right skis for anwärter exams (Austrian level 1, more or less equivalent to international level 2), but also skis that will be suitable for you throughout your first season / seasons.

Buying the right Skis for Anwärter

Normally buying skis is quite a personal thing, but for ski instructor exams and teaching you will need the right tool for the job. The Anwärter is mostly focussed on turning you into a beginner instructor, you will re-learn how to snowplough and ‘plough-steer’. The Anwärter also has some performance ski testing of short and long turns.
Although it is possible to pass your exams and work using your park skis, none of your fellow students, or your own future students will appreciate the spray your twin tips are flicking up as they follow close behind you.

A more appropriate choice would be a good race carver. Usually a turn radius of around 16-20m depending on ski length. They are aggressive enough for the performance testing but still manageable enough for the snowplough.
My personal favourite for price vs performance is the Rosignol Hero Long Turn   TI. HERO-ELITE-LT-Ti
This ski is suitable for Anwärter level. It is also stiff enough to take off piste and aggressive enough for your Landes 1 and 2 exams.

Some other alternative race carvers would be:

  • Head WC Rebels I.Spead
  • Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC
  • Atomic Redster G9
  • Völkl Race Tiger GS
  • Salamon X-Race SW
  • Nordica Dobermann GSR RB EVO
  • Blizzard WRC Racing WC Piston


Length really does depend on your ability. At Anwärter level you should be buying a ski length that reaches your eye level from ground or higher. If you can handle higher then it will pay off for your Landes exams. It is important to buy a ski you can handle though so don’t ever reach.

Where to buy

Although you will find some cheap prices online, if you have not tried these skis before it is quite a risk to buy online. If you are not able to test any before you begin your anwärter, do a ski test while you train. Often you will get a small discount if you are a ski instructor or training to be one. If you are on a low budget then ring ahead to a ski shop, you might be able to rent some ski’s and even purchase the rental skis at a good price.

If you are doing a pre-course to prepare you for your exams it is worth checking with them before buying. They may be able to recommend equipment for you and sometimes have a deal with a local ski shop giving you good discounts.


If you have any queries or anything to add then please do so below.
Happy buying to you and good luck with your course!