My Ski Servicing Equipment

Recently I released an article describing what I believe to be Essential Ski and Snowboard Servicing Equipment. Below is a quick run down of my ski servicing equipment.

My Servicing Equipment

So what do I use? Like most toolkits, my ski servicing equipment was acquired on a budget. It consists of a mixture of brands. I’m happy with what I have, but I would also change some of the tools if I were to buy everything again. You may notice that the list does not include every tool I recommend in my Essential Ski and Snowboard Servicing Equipment article. This is because I usually borrow the items I don’t own (I recommend making friends with some ex racers!).

Clamps: I have the Holmenkol EasyPro clamps, I got them cheap on eBay 2nd hand. They are only two parts so are relatively light for traveling. I that you can put your skis at 45°, it makes any edge servicing really easy. I do not like them however for scraping and brushing I find they do not hold my skis well enough.

Sidewall remover: I don’t have one, I borrowed a friends when I needed it.

Edge Stone: A friend gave me an old one. Something like this from TOKO will be perfect.

Edge Tune and File: I bought these together while working in resort, I got the Holmenkol edge tuner “Semi Edger”. On the whole it works ok, I would recommend changing the file to a longer WC style edge file. The good part of this tuner is that it can take longer files and diamond files easily (up to a width of 5mm). It can be adjusted from 85° to 90°, so you only need this one edge tuner if you are travelling light.


Rubber Bands: I use wrist bands from a bar give-away, something like these charity ones..

(image found on google, I hope no-one complains)

Diamond File: I have a Holmenkol World Cup – Medium (600 grit), I got this one because it was in an end of season sale (-50%!). I’m very happy with it, but I’m sure other brands are good too.


Brushes: I have two TOKO brushes, the cheaper smaller ones without straps. I have the nylon one and the horsehair. I use the nylon one most of the time (for cleaning and finishing). The horsehair one was cheap and I only ever use it to finish my race ski (not really necessary but it makes me feel warm inside).

Waxing Iron: I got mine pretty cheap from Decathlon. Its a Vola Wax Mousse.
I’m really happy with how it works. The only negative is that the analog temperature dial makes it hard to heat the iron to an exact temperature. If you are using racing wax which requires a specific temperature, you might be better with an iron with digital temperature adjuster.


Wax: For everyday use I use whatever non-fluoro all in one or training wax I can find. If you can buy in bulk its much cheaper. For my Austrian Landes exam (race speed test) I would have used a performance wax too, but I ended up renting a ski, and thats another story.

The End.

That concludes the round up on my ski servicing equipment, I didn’t bother telling you about my scraper, I thought it a bit unnecessary. Don’t forget to read my article on what I believe to be Essential Ski and Snowboard Servicing Equipment.

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