Clap For Rhythm



 Rhythm, Short Turns, Coordination, Fun


Without Poles.

Clap twice in each turn, try to keep the rhythm steady. This provides audio feedback for your rhythm, as well as occupying the mind with a second task while turning. 


Increase the numbers of claps in each turn, increasing the difficulty and exploring new rhythms for coordination purposes.


Multitasking can be great for improving body separation. Using a pattern of two claps is the easiest iteration of this exercise, but it still means you have to concentrate and doing two things at once, and is an introduction to more advanced Coordination exercises. 

Progression of this exercise is to alternate between clapping your hand in front, and then behind. Can be very tricky so is quite a funny one for the guest to try. I like to do this when I can see the guest becoming a bit overwhelmed, it’s a nice way to laugh together and relax them.



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