Position – Bring the weight to the outside ski – “Alpine Basic Position”

Rotaion – Helps to correct unwanted rotation.

Hip – Stabilises the hip and prevents it swinging towards the valley.


Better without poles, but can be performed with poles.

Push the downhill hand on the downhill hip, stretch your uphill hand out in front of you, and over the downhill ski. Press the Hip hand slightly backwards and upwards to create the “Alpine Basic Position”. 

Move into this position during the steering phase of the turn. Initiate the next turn buy smoothly coming out of this position and back into a neutral “Middle Position” before building up the Superman once again in the next turn.


Placing the arm forwards from the shoulder pulls the top section of the upper body forwards and towards the valley. 

Pushing the downhill hip backwards and upwards slightly helps keep the upper body pointing more downhill, while also shifting the uphill side of your hip forward, which in turn pushes the uphill ski slightly forward.



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