Hands On Knee



Brings your centre of mass forward and over the downhill leg. Creates movement. Limits rotation.


Place one hand on the back of the other, then place the hands together on the downhill knee, this position is maintained while traversing. Once you start to turn you should begin to bring the hands upwards to around face height while keeping them outstretched. Once the hands are at face height, begin to move them down towards the other knee, which will now be on the downhill side.


This exercise is great for solving a multitude of problems all at once due to the full range of motion the body goes through while doing it. It can also be expanded on by changing the start position of the hands from the knees, to the calves, top of the boots, or even the lower boot if your guests are flexible enough. I find that the three most common problems with Private guests are a lack of movement, incorrect pressurizing, and incorrect body position. This exercise hits all three of these problems at once.


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