Group Slalom



Fun – Turning with Boundaries


This exercise can potentially take up a lot of space on the slope, so it is best performed off to the side of any piste. 

Assemble your group in a line down the slope with enough space between each person for someone to ski through. Use the people as slalom gates. 

The person who is at the back of the line is the first to go. They ski in between all the other people in the group, using them like slalom gates. Once the first person is through, they will join at the bottom of the line, with enough space for the next to ski in between. The next starts as the first comes to a stop, as this process continues, the line will slowly move down the slope as each person from the top of the line is then added to the bottom.

WHY: Applying boundaries to the turn pattern is great for improving reaction time in regards to obstacles that can appear on a piste.



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