Flamingo Turns



Correct transfer of mass to downhill ski during short turns, and it speeds up this movement. 


This is simply a One Ski exercise focused on Short turns.

Ski short turns, lifting the inside ski high (A bit like a flamingo) for each turn. You could get to this exercise by progressing from One Ski exercises in long turns, then slowly making the turns shorter and more dynamic.

Once you are doing this exercise in short turns, you could even advanced version would be to jump from ski to ski (trying to remain stable with the upper body).


This exercise is particularly useful for people who are spreading their weight across both skis too much, or even pushing the back of the skis out to make them slide the short turn.

Relying purely on the outside leg within a short turn allows the guest to learn to trust their outside leg more, which in turn helps them to find a more balanced position for their centre of mass.


Be aware that this exercise can cause the skier to turn their upper body with the skis, its good to allow it to begin with, but try to ensure proper separation before it becomes a new motor pattern.


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